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I lived in a lot of countries as a child; and ended up an internationalist, not a nationalist. Some greedy, some idealistic, some with little empathy, a very few downright evil. But the vast majority of people good, and just trying to get on with a decent life.

  • If the global pie stayed the same size, there was no margin for credit.
  • That’s not evidence that the material is unsuitable.
  • Since she’s the only woman to win an economics Nobel prize, there’s also been some predictable sexist blowback against her ideas.
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  • 1) We still have a mostly-working social security system, rather than having it dismantled.

So he believed that any peasant resistance was a Grand Conspiracy, so the “conspirators” were packed off to gulags. Kinda like some of the crazy things the IMF did in Africa in the ’80s, with similar results. Yes, most of the growth is “rebound” from previous system restructuring itself, and many people who only lived in one economical system have little idea what it can mean. Mirrors help significantly only if you have BOTH fairly low levels of sunlight AND you can’t grow crops over all of the ground – and damn few places meet both criteria! They DO allow you to use more land to grow a smaller area of plants that need more sunlight than you get. EC @ 518 For once, I agree, however, I heard some wanker from liebour today putting party before country, wanting a Genreal Elcetion for when May loses next week’s vote, rather than all “parties” working on a solution to the Brexit problem, like Ref2.

U.S. CPI Sets a Lower Start for U.S. Dollar

I don’t see how 7000 deaths could be attributed to famine here? These numbers, anyway, don’t match the demographic slump in the developed countries of that time, which are visible with naked eye – which is what I pointed out several times already. But, implementing one powerline is different from staking energy security on a neighboring country. If I thought it was urgent, I’d be inclined to implement some sort of either carbon tax or some sort of ‘cleanliness’ subsidy, which nuclear and solar would both qualify for.

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Actually Charlies Volvo Estate would be perfect for me . Diesel is cool, but the increased MPG isn’t enough to offset the higher cost of diesel fuel around here. It was different twenty years ago when the price of diesel was kept artificially low compared to gasoline, but nowadays diesel costs MORE than gas.

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People therefore considered it a bad bet to assume that they personally, or their kingdom, or the entire world, would be producing more wealth ten years down the line. Of course, the profits of one particular xcritical scammers bakery might rise, but only at the expense of the bakery next door. Venice might flourish, but only by impoverishing Genoa. The king of England might enrich himself, but only by robbing the king of France.

  • From what I’ve read and heard, they’re simply prepping for what they see as an inevitable disaster, not knowingly trying to bring it about…
  • Yes, we’re aware of just how it is used offensively (by various Ideologies, it’s fairly common) against other HSS to break their Joy / Spirits / Willpower / Minds.
  • However, as every CO2 molecule is matched by a water molecule in the photosynthesis reaction I can’t see how increasing CO2 usage wouldn’t increase water requirements as well.
  • Employees of tech companies like google are beginning to recognize that they can and must take responsibility how their tools get used, and that that they can and must refuse to build certain tools because of they way they can be misused.

The problem is that I like both potatoes and mangoes, as well as a whole pile of other things that need incompatible growing conditions. It’s true that most of my diet can be grown within 100km of where I live, but that’s only true if you consider each resident of Sydney independently. The city as a whole consumes more food than can be grown within 500km (admittedly half that area is sea and we don’t do aquaculture very well at all). The entire point of kbs three is that glass, copper, and clay are all inert with regards to water over geological time.

This biological shortcut could make vertical farming of grain crops practical. The main drawback to indoor vertical farming under LED lights is that it only works with green vegetable that have little or no caloric content. High calorie grain crops won’t grow under the soft lights of LEDs. I’d also be careful about assuming that a large fraction of the US isn’t pretty xenophobic. The whole Mexican remark was pretty much disqualifying – but energized the Republican base.

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Besides the three live accounts, there are also demo accounts for those that want to test out the service before registering. Demo accounts have become common in recent times; however, some of the competition still doesn’t let their potential users have that option. So with a firm license, and a parent company with an excellent reputation, xcritical looks pretty safe already. To add to that, we couldn’t find any users speaking about a negative experience or an unresolved issue. Lastly, the firm hasn’t been involved in any scandals that are common with web brokers like review manipulation. Between 74-89% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs.

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EDF is charging the UK several limbs and a first-born for Hinkley, but that does not mean they think that is what it is going to cost them to build. The first on-the-ground operations recorded on the Hinkley C site are in 2008 when a car park was built for ground works https://xcritical.solutions/ investigations, still a long way from pouring concrete and bending metal which has now started. In some ways I agree that a much better system would be removing democracy from the process and using state-sanctioned violence to eliminate on-the-ground opposition.

OTOH, my local MP is going to be out of power, simply because she has no time for the great idiot “leader” Corbyn – S Creasy, of course. In terms of dream candidates, I think Albanese would make a great stay at home dad and Bring Back Carmel! (they’re married, he’s the technically-left-wing headkicker in the federal Labour party, she’s a former deputy state premier).

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3) This has an agenda that summarises as “Well, gentlemen, I think I’ve bought us a year. I want your plans for putting the nation on a war footing at Cabinet on Tuesday next week.” I’d note that this is official Soviet statistical reporting, so even if you decided to ignore the subsequent 1937 census the official figures still tell a very grim story. Oh, and direct links to documents showing / proving that Putin is popular due to, you know, the fucking Life Expectancy levels shooting up. Oooh, Ms Rowling’s publisher has got to be looking like a fucking idiot. To SFreader @875 Please avoid selective citation, too, I was referring a closed circle of logic.

  • The displacement of the farmers had a lot to do with the farming business as practiced in the deep south of the U.S.
  • If you read my post 755, it would not have surprised you.
  • The sum of collective transactions during 2019 in the world of forex amounted approximately 6.6 trillion US dollars on an average.
  • About the motor vehicle accident rate on rural roads – don’t recall anyone mentioning the farm tractor that all of a sudden pulls onto the ‘highway’ taking up both ‘lanes’ as it speeds along at its top speed of 10-12mph for frikken miles.

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That is the definition used by most mainstream economists, which is why it is so popular. It is also a bad joke, as others here have pointed out. The entire economics profession now has huge egg on its face for its spectacular failure to predict or even understand the Great Recession. I recall some economists claiming in the aftermath that it was all due to “market psychology.” I guess if somebody had sprinkled happy dust on the stock market, everything would have been fine. Basically, the only fundamental basis for scientific economics is that laid out by the classical economists, Adam Smith, Ricardo and Marx, namely the labor theory of value. Once that was rejected by the “neoclassical” economists, economics became what astronomy was before it was finally conceded that the earth revolved around the sun instead of the other way around.

Just be aware that all the stuff you’re running is vastly out of date and is really boring. Disagree that society is a closed circle especially in the 21st century where communications between people of different nations/cultural backgrounds occur in real-time on a daily basis. The idiot Dems followed the GOP in the 80’s and 90’s, stupidly thinking they were going to pick up the folks for whom the GOP had gotten too extreme – neo-freakin-liberals, ignoring the massive growth of “independents”. That finally bit them, between Bernie’s run, and this past election cycle. Whether Putin pushed him to run or not, I think Putin put serious resources into helping his campaign, because Hillary was a serious hawk, and he, expecting her to win, was hoping to weaken her. Meanwhile, the MC’s original plan was to run, not win.

Farmers were dumping food because there weren’t enough buyers or they couldn’t get their product to markets, causing prices to fall below the cost of production. Events which caused an increase in population growth after the Great Depression 1. This understates the transformation, since many women who remained childless during the depression and war had around 3 children.

Possible solution is to locate your garden in the basement since you’re going to be using LEDs anyways. LED lighting – it is possible to have multiple ‘bulbs’ cycling on and off throughout the ‘day/year’ to best mimic the optimal light requirements. OTOH, your books are often kind of depressing – ever think of a writing a happy story?